To specialize in the international market as a Group that integrates companies of recognized experience, professionalism and ethics to deliver the best alternatives driven towards a quality solution, price and delivering efficiency with attention to projects of great impact in the water, environmental protection, renewable energy, mining, and construction / infrastructure industry.


To be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and quality to provide Job-To-Be-Done Results to the End-User’s Needs by selecting, supporting and coordinating our Job Execution Team, which will be formed from affiliated CreCon Group Companies and Strategic Alliances for each specific job. Whilst protecting the Earth Environment with the implementation of sustainable construction practices and use of alternative energies.


Our ethical principles of virtues are identified as wisdom, prudence, justice, courage, and temperance, which makes our Group unique, strong, fair and reliable.

Quality Policy

CreCon Group, LLC and its Group Members understand that the high quality of products and services is an essential value for the satisfaction of our customers, therefore, we commit to continuous improvement in the quality of our products and processes.

Social Responsibility

CreCon Group, LLC promotes within the Group the rational use of natural resources used in the manufacturing and/or work by establishing procedures to ensure the efficiency and energy saving. We identify generated waste and classify them in their generation source, verify the internal handling of the same and manage a proper final disposal of them. Promote re-use in origin of materials and products at work. Reduces the use of hazardous and toxic materials by replacing them with other friendly to the environment. Taking into account the surrounding population by avoiding the negative impact to the environment and disturbing noises. Ensuring on-site safety and protecting the lives and health of workers at any times. Tending implement sustainable construction practices and the use of alternative energies.


Based on profound professional experience of a minimum of three decades CreCon Group, LLC and all its Group Members understanding exactly what the customer needs to get the job done. Our life-proven experience guarantees SUCCESS for everyone.