Addressing our “Job-Execution Team”

There are various ways to carry out a complete project execution from engineering to hand-over; and one of them can be concentrated into One Source, a Solid and Visionary Group, to provide consolidated solutions and innovations to our customers.

The selected markets should hold the Growth Potential by a Group of Companies who are trying to get the same job done. This insight has a significant impact on the Executer Selection Process and on the Quality of the Markets that we select for pursuit.

The key to the Growth of the Group is to create more value for customers by better satisfying the customers’ needs. Examining customer needs, we see that a customer need must relate to help customers get a job better done. This insight has led us to create a whole new way of capturing and using customer needs to create breakthrough Alliances and Services amongst the Execution Team. It is part of our innovation process having customer needs defined around the “job-to-be-donefactor, which impacts the way opportunities are defined, markets are segmented and sized, project strategies are formulated, and the way ideas are constructed and positioned. We also discover hidden opportunities for growth by revealing where customers need most help.

Companies often define their Markets around their products and services, but a product or a service is not the market. By defining a market as a customer and job, we ended up making market selection decisions:

1. We think about the job from the customer’s perspective, and not from the company’s.
2. We think big to encompass the entire job.

Our methods of prioritizing Market Opportunities work because they are built around our solid understanding of what a customer need is. A market opportunity exists because customers are struggling to get a job done. Success comes from discovering what they are, and helping them get the job done without the struggle. Therefore, our Competitive Advantage and Differentiation is built around a clear and solid definition of what customer really needs are, and considering how well our technologies or services enable us to successfully execute any job.

CreCon Group offers its Members and Alliances an International Network, which is supported by other associated Group Members in different strategic locations to be close to you and our customers.

CreCon Group fully understands that most of its bigger international strategic alliance partners cannot be named publically in relation to our Group Assembly because of their marketing strategies and policies, and confidentiality agreements, therefore, our discretion is guaranteed.