The CreCon Group (Creative Concept Group) provides Consolidated Solutions and Innovations (CSI) for two customer groups, the “End-User” and the “Job Executer” (Contractors – Subcontractors – Vendors). Our consulting services to the End-User are generally performed at no cost.

CreCon Group’s Function is to commit entirely to the End-User’s needs in providing task driven results by selecting, supporting and coordinating our Job Execution Team, which will be formed from affiliated CreCon Group Companies and Strategic Alliances for each specific task or project. The Group’s Offices are located strategically in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile to serve the North and South American Region.

The Concept of CreCon Group is to select and merge small, medium, and large companies to create a Job Execution Team, which will deliver ”Job-To-Be-Done” Solutions to the End-Users based on 7 Key Questions: “What, Who, Why, Where, When, How, and How Much?”, or “Market / Application, Customer, Project Needs, Project Location, Strategic Plan / Delivery Time, Solution, and Project Budget.”

Our Vision and main goal of the Group is that of protecting the Earth’s Environment with the implementation of Sustainable Construction Practices and use of Alternative Energies.

CreCon Group Founders, Associated Business Partners, and Group Members bring with them over 100 years of combined global business experience with extended “know-how” in consulting, engineering, commercialization (sales & business development), manufacturing, aftermarket and service, and operating plants in the following main industries: water, environmental protection, conventional and non-conventional renewable energy, mining, infrastructure and construction. We also have internal experts in financing/project funding to support the cause.

What brought this Group together?

The creation of CreCon was set up to support each other operationally and financially on larger projects. This provides technological superiority by sharing information, resources, and capabilities. As many know a Union is as strong as its weakest link; therefore, the Group is always interested in taking care of each member by motivating and pushing each other to highest limits of efficiency and quality. HARMONY and STABILITY created within translates back to customers and markets in the form of TRUST and DEPENDABILITY. Giving rise to the CreCon Group.

What is our understanding of Efficiency and Quality?

Better Results: One of the best reasons to build for quality is the desire to get better results. This can ensure that projects make your company money regardless of cost. A better project has lasting effects on a company and brand that can be very valuable to that company.

Better Process: A better process can be very important to a client. With a stronger process the client can be more involved and kept up to date with progress. This can often be very meaningful to key client stakeholders who need to report internally and for continued support.

Less Risk: We believe the most compelling reason for any organizations to build for efficiency and quality is to mitigate risk, short and long term. Clients often have as much to lose as they do to gain and thus cannot afford serious lapses in quality.

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